A few years ago, it was very difficult to find online resources to research your Irish ancestry. Thankfully, the situation now is completely different and there a wealth of information to discover. The good news is that much of this is free; if you know where to look. Here’s a roundup of over 125 free Irish genealogy online resources.

125 free Irish genealogy online resources. Bespoke Genealogy

Birth, Marriage and Death Records

Civil registration began in 1845 for non-Catholic marriages and from 1864 for all births, marriages and deaths. Currently records are available free online (see below) for births 1864 – 1921, marriages 1845 – 1946 (to 1922 in Northern Ireland) and deaths 1871 – 1971 (to 1922 in Northern Ireland). Before civil BMDs, churches kept the records. See below for links to many free surviving church resources.


Most Wills were lost in the 1922 fire at the Dublin record office. However, a few survive as do the indexes which can still provide some useful information. Here are links to most of these indexes.

Land and Property

With the loss of so many resources (especially after the 1922 Dublin fire), property records are often the only ones that our ancestors appear on. One of the most useful is the mid 19th century all Ireland Griffith Valuation (below) as this shows landlords as well as tenants. Other useful free resources are also linked.

Crime and Punishment

Unfortunately, extreme poverty in Ireland often forced people into crime. Here are a couple of useful free resources.


All of Ireland was a part of the United Kingdom until 1922 and many Irishmen served in the British army or navy. Here are links to free resources to help you find your military ancestors.


Famine, poverty and land clearances all forced millions of Irish to emigrate to the US and other countries. Here are some links to free emigration resources.

Click on the link below to go to the resource
Immigrant Ships
Irish Emigration Database
Passenger Lists
Ship Passenger Lists

Books and Newspapers

Links to free books, publications and newspapers.

Click on the link below to go to the resource Notes
An tÓglach Magazine Successor to The Irish Volunteer (below)
Belfast Gazette from 1922 See also An Amazing Free British Genealogy Resource: The Gazette
Book Transcripts
Irish Manuscripts Commission Digital Editions Many useful books for Irish genealogy
The Irish Volunteer
Ulster-Scotts Community Network Free Publications Free publications on Ulster’s history

Information and Learning

Useful resources for learning about Irish genealogy and where to find records. As well as those listed below, I recommend John Grenham’s Irish Ancestors website. It’s not completely free, although the site contains a lot that is, especially the Browse section. For more, see How to use John Grenham’s Irish Ancestors Website

Other Useful Resources

Here are some other useful resources.

I’ve included the PRONI catalogue (below) as it’s always worth checking, even if you can’t visit Belfast. You might discover a record is actually online or there is a transcription available.

For more free resources see the Free Genealogy page

Happy researching!

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125 free Irish genealogy online resources. Bespoke Genealogy
125 Free Irish Genealogy Resources. Photo of an old arched doorway in undergrowth.