All the historic parishes of Huntingdonshire are listed in this guide. Click on a button below to find a particular parish.

The surviving church registers of baptisms, marriages, burials and banns are held in the county archives. The years covered for each parish are shown here. Note, Huntingdonshire Archives only publish the first and last date of the records they hold. There may be some gaps in between these dates. Many records survive from the mid 1500s.

Almost no images of the registers for this county are currently available online. However, Family Search has recently been putting some images of Huntingdonshire records onto their website for free access. See this page for current records. There are some church records mixed in with others. These are un-indexed, browse-only records.

Transcriptions of the registers are available for many parishes. FreeReg is in the process of transcribing parish registers across England. Some Huntingdonshire parishes have been done and there are links to these.

It is also possible to buy transcriptions of many complete parish registers from the local family history society.  The prices are quite reasonable and can be downloaded as PDF files. There is a link to the FHS transcriptions for each parish where this is available.

There are also some general transcription collections on Family Search, Findmypast and Ancestry. Links to these are shown below. These collections are not complete, so many records are missing.

You will also find links to other useful sites relating to each parish where available including:

Parish churches. If the church has a website, this is linked. If a site can’t be found, there is a link to another one with information about the church.

War Memorials. These can be very useful as they usually list the names of those who were lost in a conflict. The links are from the Imperial War Museum War Memorial Register. Many parishes had more than one memorial.

Graveyard. Where available, there are links to parish graveyards on Find A Grave.

Parish history. For each parish there is a link to its detailed history on British History Online.

Domesday Book. Many of these parishes were surveyed for the 1086 Domesday Book after the Norman invasion of England. There are links to the Open Domesday site with information about the parish at that time along with the relevant extract from the Book.

Pigots 1842 Huntingdonshire Map

Pigot’s 1842 Map of Huntingdonshire

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